Pinpointing Public Toilets: A Community Call to Action!
Date: Friday, February 06 @ 19:11:35 UTC

Public Toilet POIs We have a huge and extremely enthusiastic community and we intend putting every one of you to good use! We're sure many would just love to get their teeth into a new project.

As you already know, is well known for its high quality sat nav Speed Camera Warnings and our huge POI database. Of late we have been receiving a lot of requests to create a similar worldwide database of public toilets.

In particular, parents travelling with kids pestering them for the loo should find it extremely useful and anyone else who would benefit from knowing where the nearest convenience is. Not only would the elderly find these locations a godsend, but we believe they would also be very handy for tourists and travellers in unfamiliar surroundings.

So we've decided to start the ball rolling!

Hopefully this project should grow substantially over the next few months...Click here to read more and discuss...

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