''Missing'' Alerts from PGPSW Garmin Database
Date: Wednesday, February 04 @ 17:31:50 UTC

Speed CamerasRecently there have been a few threads regarding some cameras not giving alerts when using the PGPSW database on Garmin Nuvi units.

After some testing it appears the default behaviour is as follows:

If you are under the speed limit then there is NO Proximity Alert and NO Overspeed Alert of any kind.

If you are over the speed limit on approach to the site an initial Proximity Alert is made (Low 'Bong, Bong' Sound and grey alert banner "xx mph Speed Alert Ahead"). Once inside the Proximity Alert, if you remain over the speed limit then the OverSpeed Alert is made (Higher 'Bong, Bong' and red alert banner "xx mph Speed Alert Ahead"). Dropping below the speed limit after the Proximity Alert and before the site results the in the Overspeed Alerts stopping.

This has been tested in the real world and on simulated runs with a Garmin Nuvi 760T on a road with many Gatsos, Monitrons and Mobile sites.

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