Modern Technology Defeated by the Snow
Date: Wednesday, February 04 @ 15:08:41 UTC

Speed Cameras, GPS, SatNavs Top marks to TomTom for seizing this weeks snow and ice as a PR opportunity. The snowflakes had barely settled early on Monday morning when a PR email from TomTom UK landed in our inboxes proclaiming the benefits of HD Traffic which was reporting 1,086 miles of traffic during the morning not so rush hour.

However what they omitted to mention was that many of the UK's mobile phone networks (inc Vodafone used by the x40's) were struggling under the weight of additional call traffic as commuters called their offices and the train and other help lines. Although I was sat tight at home on Monday my 940 stubbornly refused to connect to the data network and so was unable to display any traffic data until 11am.

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