PocketGPSWorld Speed Camera Voices - New Download Pages Launched.
Date: Friday, November 28 @ 10:08:46 UTC

pocketgpsworld.com Our custom real voice alerts have always been a very popular service. The choice of downloads has grown enormously since we launched it a few years back and understanding what was available, choosing a voice and installing had become increasingly complex as a result.

We have now launched a new set of pages to make the process much easier with dedicated pages for Garmin and TomTom. These pages are now live, the TomTom compatible voices page can be found here and Garmin here. The voices are available in various options, some are available in all three database versions (single file, consolidated and speed-zoned) and others just one or two but there is a large range and voices to suit every taste.

We are now working to update all of the collections, removing the TEMP alerts which are no longer required and inserting pMobile warnings into each set but this will take a little more time so please bear with us!

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