Black Friday Sales 2008 look out for bargains
Date: Friday, November 28 @ 09:50:00 UTC
Topic: Well Black Friday is with us again. I was browsing the adverts for the sales yesterday and it looks like there will be lots of bargains out there.

A number of retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City, 6ave are advertising the TomTom One 125 GPS System at $99.99 some with free shipping. The discounts seem to be mainly in the 20%-40% range with a few exceptional items with more than 50% discount.

Best Buy has a Magellan 1212 3.5" GPS receiver with text-to-speech for $79.99, compared to Target who are offering the same system for 99.99. So it pays to shop around to find the best bargains.

I wonder what the cheapest mainline PND will be this year? Will somone be selling a $75 or even a $50 SatNav? If you see a great bargain click here to post it here and let everyone know about it.

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