Mobile Camera Purge - Seen Again Reports
Date: Thursday, November 13 @ 18:05:30 UTC
Topic: Back in May this year we announced we would be purging inactive mobile camera site from the database in an effort to improve the accuracy of the Mobile data and remove old and erroneous locations.

We have been purging these sites for some months and now seemed a good time to remind all our members that we request 'Seen Again' reports for ALL active mobile sites spotted in operation. Currently we purge mobile sites that have not been the subject of 'seen again' reports within a set timeframe, 12months for mobiles in the Live database and 6months for mobiles in the pMobiles (unverified) database.

Every time a mobile site is reported as 'seen again' the clock is reset so please report ALL mobiles sites that you see in action. There is an option in the Action drop-down on the reporting page specifically for 'Mobile Seen Again' reports and we welcome reports for ALL cameras both new and previously known to us.

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