Fujitsu Ten Widescreen x40 based TomTom based device spotted
Date: Thursday, November 13 @ 09:54:13 UTC
Topic: Two years ago Eclipse, a US based manufacturer chose CES in Las Vegas to launch a head-unit with built-in TomTom. Although it took over a year to reach these shores it is now available as a factory fit option in some Toyota's.

Eclipse have since been acquired by Fujitsu and it seems that a wide screen version has now been developed, the AVN4430.

The design is very similar to the earlier model with a custom wide-screen TomTom unit integrated into the frame of the double-DIN head-unit. Although little else is known about the unit as yet the image clearly shows it has TMC which is interesting and is that a microSD slot I see at top right? Maybe this is based on an x40 device?

We'll keep investigating but all will doubtless be revealed at CES 2009 in Vegas this in January 2009.

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