World Exclusive - Haicom's new BT Slipper (with photos!)
Date: Saturday, October 25 @ 05:56:36 UTC

Haicom have just release a new Bluetooth Slipper. It is designed for use with the current range of Haicom 303's (including MMF, E and S versions), and allows you to slip the Haicom 303 into the slipper and angle the receiver. This slipper will then turn the Haicom 303 GPS Receiver into a Bluetooth Receiver and allow you to connect from any Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC. The slipper acts as a docking station for the Haicom 303 and can be used with all Bluetooth enabled Pocket PC's, Notebook PC's, Smart Phones and Tablet PC's. The receiver comes with a metal finished base which will allow you to fix it to a magnetic windscreen mount. The Haicom BT Slipper comes with a mini-1394 (Firewire) connector and comes with additional add-ons such as a Solar Panel Power Charger and Data Logger. Haicom are currently stating the battery performance as 8 hours, but with solar panel attached you can get more than 12 hours of use (depending on sunlight)

For a world's first look at this new BT GPS Receiver complete with 360 degree photos and solar panels of this new GPS Receiver from Haicom, check out this forum message.

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