GPS Trackers installed into Snow Plows
Date: Thursday, October 23 @ 06:56:45 UTC

Brockton (The state) plans to use some high-tech gadgetry to keep track of its snow removal contractors this winter. Officials will spend about 90-thousand dollars to install global positioning systems in more than one-thousand private snowplows which clear snow and ice from Massachusetts highways during storms. Spokesman Jon Carlisle of the state transportation office tells the Brockton Enterprise that officials will use the G-P-S units to ensure that contractors are on the road and doing what they're being paid to do. In the past, the state has relied on the honor system when it comes to snowplow operators. And while Carlisle says the vast majority of contractors perform their jobs appropriately, there are always a few "bad eggs" who show up late or take long coffee breaks when they're supposed to be plowing.

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