TomTom Bluetooth Remote Control - worth the money?
Date: Tuesday, June 17 @ 18:06:27 UTC
Topic: We are always interested in ways to make the navigation experience safer and easier. One way to do that is to entirely avoid poking the screen of your TomTom PND while your car is moving. Another way is to use a remote control.

Some may remember the original RF based remote control. But that was marketed as a premium accessory rather than a safety feature, and not many people bought it.

TomTom did then release a Bluetooth Remote control. And since the majority of the TomTom PNDs have Bluetooth functionality now, a much wider range of devices is compatible with the new remote.

The remote control can be had in various online shops for as low as US$45 (or equivalent, plus shipping). Let's see if that would be money well spent.

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