iGO MyWay 8 (Europe) for PDA and Smartphone Reviewed!
Date: Tuesday, June 17 @ 17:54:44 UTC

iGO MyWay 8 ReviewSince I first saw iGO MyWay 8 in action at CeBIT back in March 2007 I, along with countless others, have been keen to get my hands on the finished product! Already available on numerous devices (MyGuide, Sony PSP's Go!Explore and OnCourse Navigator as well as some smaller companies' devices) the OEM product for PDAs was finally launched at CeBIT in March this year. Sporting impressive 3D landscapes and detailed buildings this is certainly a nice looking piece of software. But, is it all just eye candy? Does it actually add anything to the navigational aid? Is the underlying software actually any good?! Read on to find out more…

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