The lengths people will goto to get GPS!
Date: Wednesday, October 22 @ 06:51:36 UTC

This is quite an old project that hasn't been revived recently, but anyone thought about having GPS on the GameBoy ? One guy did!

GPS BOY is a portable GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver system based on a GPS integrable board (Trimble's Lassen SK II) and a Game Boy Color. As I guess you already know, GPS is a system for obtaining the exact position coordinates (and other data) of a receiver placed anywhere on Earth. The receiver uses an antenna to track the signals sent by a group of satellites known as the GPS constellation, and uses the received data to calculate longitude, latitude, speed, etc. I know, adding GPS capabilities to a GBC is not a new idea. Actually there is a previous project by TeamKNOx called GB GPS which already did. However, since I developed this for fun, I decided to release it for the sake of the GB development "scene".

Check this forum message for more info.

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