Don't forget, British Summer Time tomorrow!
Date: Saturday, March 29 @ 22:17:16 UTC
Topic: An early reminder to all that the clocks will be going forward tonight and not only will we all lose an hour in bed but once again we need to adjust our Timezone settings in the forum.

From tomorrow morning we will be moving to British Summer Time (GMT+1). So for our UK readers you will all need to change the timezone setting in your profile to GMT+1 either before you go to bed or when you awake to ensure your posts and those of others display the correct time.

The setting can be found in your profile accessed from the link at the top of the forums. In your profile, scroll towards the bottom where you will find the the preferences section and change the Timezone from GMT to GMT+1. If you are not in the UK then you should ensure you are using the correct time offset (+ or -) as necessary.

Unfortunately this has to done manually by every user when the clocks change but it is a simple process. When we return to GMT in October the process should be reversed.

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