Asus Eee PC adds GPS
Date: Thursday, March 27 @ 09:07:52 UTC
Topic: Asus have announced a new model in their massively successful Eee PC micro laptop range.

A new model has been announced that is equipped with a 9in display, upgraded to touch screen functionality, and the has the addition of a GPS receiver.

The Eee PC has been a whirlwind success. It's ultra compact form factor, solid state memory and custom Linux install has made for an ultra nippy, portable web/eMail device. The Sub 250 purchase prices may have helped as well and the original models are still in short supply with retailers often selling out as soon as stock is delivered!

Linux has, like Mac, traditionally had a lack of GPS software so it will be interesting to see if this device sparks some development on new platforms. Although the Eee PC is a laptop, it is small enough to consider using in-car.

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