Rumour Mill: Is a TomTom Phone on the way?
Date: Monday, March 17 @ 19:41:55 UTC
Topic: We don't often post regarding rumours but there is a lot of rumbling being detected and its all starting to suggest something may be afoot. (The image to the left is a mock-up and not meant to represent any possible forthcoming design by the way). As existing users of tomtom on PocketPC/Smartphones will know, development has come to a dead stop on the platform.

The version for Windows Smartphone stalled at version 5 and PocketPC remains at version 6 with no updates for well over a year. PND's have had version 7 for some time and version 8 has just been announced at CeBIT.

Rumours began a while back that TomTom may move to supplying new software pre-installed on HTC handsets. This would at first look appear to be a sensible move. TomTom would have greater control over the hardware and thus reduce support issues and piracy could also be better controlled.

However, further rumours from various sources now doing the rounds hint at the possibility that TomTom will be announcing a nuvifone like device, i.e. a self contained PDA/Phone with navigation capabilities. This could indeed be the case, the earlier rumours about TomTom being pre-installed would make sense and HTC are well known in the manufacturing field for PDA's and Smartphones and would be well placed to design a device for TomTom. It is also an obvious market segment that Tomtom have yet to target and they are financially able to fund such a step.

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