NIP - Notice of Intention to Purge
Date: Friday, March 14 @ 14:56:43 UTC
Topic: We have decided to have a purge on the mobile databases and remove any cameras that have not been reported as 'seen again' in a set period of time.

Since 14th January 2007 we have requested people resubmit EVERY mobile site that they see even when it is already in the database the aim being that we can then remove any inactive sites.

It has been decided that we will start with the pMobile files by removing 809 cameras that have not been 'seen again' in the last 6 months.

In the next few months we will do the same but with the main Mobile file - however you MUST report any mobile sites you have seen recently as at the moment around 6,000 sites in the Mobile database have not been reported as 'seen again' in the last 6 months (5,500 in last 12 months) and may face deletion.

So, as a 'gentle' reminder and in a bid to keep providing you with the most accurate database for the UK then PLEASE REMEMBER TO SUBMIT EVERY MOBILE SIGHTING!!!

(note that this only effects UK mobiles and not the international files)

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