JGUI Announces Follow Me
Date: Monday, October 20 @ 08:14:41 UTC

JGUI has launched announced the launch of Follow Me.

This program allows you to use Pocket PC and GPS Rx in the situation where you have no map image. You can track your location and save the path for future use.

The program draws your moving position on screen and continuously re-scales the position. There is compass, current speed, distance to Target Point and more.

Trial Version works 7 days without limits.

Follow Me:
  • shows your actual position
  • shows compass directions
  • tracks your moving in various modes
  • lists all your tracked points
  • draws all your tracked points in some simulated map, rescaled continuously
  • calculates distance to the Target Point
  • calculates and analyzes "reverse moving"
  • saves/opens your tracked path or point Detailed description and screenshots: http://www.jgui.net/gps/followme/index.html

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