NavNGo announce strategic partnership with QNX
Date: Tuesday, March 04 @ 09:00:00 UTC

NavNGo are well known for the innovative implementation of the 3D mapping solution iGO8. Although we saw the embryonic iGO8 at CeBIT last year it has yet to be released on the PDA standalone platform. However a number of OEM partners including Mio have released it.

We were most impressed with the implementation we were shown last year Nav N Go did an excellent job of optimising the mapping and graphics to allow iGO8 to run on SmartPhones and PNDs. 3D graphics are a heavy consumer of resources for a small system and this is where the strategic partnership with QNX comes in. QNX specialise in creating operating systems for realtime embedded hardware. This means that the system can be optimised for fast high end graphics processors enabling faster smoother rendering of 3D images.

For more details as we get them click here to check the CeBIT blog.

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