Hacked - Is TMC In For An Even Rockier Ride?
Date: Monday, March 03 @ 09:51:27 UTC

pocketgpsworld.com According to an article at Computerworld.com, two 'Security Experts (aka hackers) at CanSecWest, a security conference in Vancouver, have found a way to send false TMC data to RDS-TMC equipped satnav systems.

Using off the shelf hardware they transmitted data using the RDS system warning of foul weather. Through experimentation they found that certain codes translated into specific warnings. Whilst on the surface this is mildly amusing, for example there are TMC codes for 'bull fight in progress'. Others have a a much darker under current such as 'terrorist incident' and 'air crash'.

Clearly the concern is that with a system apparently so easily compromised it could be hacked maliciously. Amazingly the RDS data itself is not encrypted in any way nor is any form of authentication of the messages carried out. Given the issues many have had with reception of RDS-TMC, particularly here in the UK, it brings the entire service into sharp focus once again and raises the question of its long term viability, especially when there are other alternatives beginning to appear.

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