Mazingo RIP
Date: Thursday, October 16 @ 01:04:55 UTC

Mazingo has decided enough is enough and cannot continue it's service due to costs outweighing the money they are bringing in with subscriptions. This is another big spotlight pointed on the FREE internet. There's nothing free anymore, people can't offer anything for free and not have costs behind it that need to be picked up as many of you have seen recently with Pocket GPS and our adverts we have introduced. The statement from Mazingo reads..."Mazingo would like to thank everyone who has been involved with developing and using the Mazingo service. Regrettably, the service can no longer be offered due to the cost of content versus the revenue derived. "

The only offline reader now will be AvantGo Custom Channels, but I suspect most people are probably using GPRS connected mobiles now to surf the web when on the move.

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