GPS for Compaq iPaq 1910
Date: Wednesday, October 15 @ 01:04:40 UTC

Matt Pavall remembered there was a news article published here on Pocket GPS for how to get a GPS received connected to a Compaq iPAQ 1910 which lacks a serial port by building a serial-to-IR converter. Being vaguely experienced in the fine art of wielding a soldering iron he thought that this circuit was simple enough to build so he set out and ordered the components from Maplin. A few days later he had the basic design up and running and converting the serial output from a Haicom 203E going into the GPS software on his iPAQ 1910. The design of the converter can be found here. For those who are not so comfortable with a soldering iron the author of the design is currently taking a poll for if people would be interested in buying a ready-built converter for around 40 or about 28.

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