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My 2p: mount & set-up

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, 2003 8:04 am    Post subject: My 2p: mount & set-up Reply with quote

For anyone who will listen, I just thought I'd add my two-penneth as far as my recently-changed set-up is concerned, mainly for anyone else contemplating the same move.

I recently sold on my NavMan iPaq GPS sleeve (& kit) in order to move to a Bluetooth GPS.

This of course meant a number of issues immediately presented themselves:

I'd need to find a new mount solution

I'd need to lash-out on a bigger SD-card

I'd have to get a new car-charger.


I have a VW Passat, and the good thing about the Navman sleeve & mount, is that it placed the iPaq just between the A-pillar and steering wheel: not in line-of-sight for the road, but also I hardly had to lift a hand off the wheel to prod the screen with an extended finger. Oh, and the base of the iPaq/sleeve rested on the top of the dash, increasing stability.

After contemplating other mounting positions, such as cup-holder style, phone-type brackets, I knew I still wanted a VERY neat install, with no trailing wires and bulky bracketry. But most of the windscreen mounts I could find seemed bulky & cumbersome. I took the risk of buying a "universal magnetic holder" from www.globalpostioningsystems, and it's fab! got it located in the same place as my old Navman sleeve, and i stuck the adhesive plate (to which the magnet clamps), onto the back of the iPaq's coverpak, figuring I'd buy a new coverpak to serve this purpose if it turned out to be right. But the plate is only 1mm thick, has a VERY powerful 3M adhesive bond, and is unobtrusive, so don't think i'll even bother buying an additional one. Althought the sucker is around 5mm smaller diameter, the "suction" onto the windscreen actually appears stronger.


After thinking about just putting Navigator's UK map on "just" a 128mb SD card, and using that PURELY for Navigation, with space for a back-up, the more i thought about it the more I reckoned Sod's Law would strike just when I REALLY needed the SatNav, and I'd have the "wrong" SD card with me. So, I DID go for a 256mb as my "daily-driver": the UK maps are on there, along with all the other stuff i used to have on my 64mb card, and there's about 130mb clear for music etc.


Obvioulsy selling on the Navman Kit meant I lost the in-car charger too. My Emtac unit was cheap, and did NOT include a car charger, OR indeed a splitter-lead. No problem you might think: you can get an iPaq car charger ANYWHERE. I'd agree, but THIS time, i decided that when you apply some thought to where I wanted to position my iPaq, it would be preferable to have a NON coiled lead, Most come with a coiled cord - this of course can put the plug into the PDA under tension, and is a potential failure-point. i thought www.expansys had my answer, when i saw & ordered an RETRACTABLE iPAQ CAR CHARGER, except when it arrived, it had the "adapter" plug for the 38/39 series ipaqs built-in, thus meaning i couldn't use it to recharge my Emtac b/t GPS!!! the solution, therefore, was to return it and order one for the 36-series iPaq, which terminates in the round-pin that fits both the iPaq adapter plug for my 3970, AND the GPS.

So, I'm finally there! However, and perhaps my main reason for rambling on above, is simply to say a huge thanks to not only the pocketGPS team but also forum participants, that have over the last couple of weeks, been an invaluable source of info & suggestions.

Cheers to you all!!
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