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Pocket GPS World :: View topic - VDO dayton woes!!!
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VDO dayton woes!!!

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Joined: Sep 05, 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 2:48 pm    Post subject: VDO dayton woes!!! Reply with quote

I have a VDO dayton PN2050s (Mazda) it is from our Mazda franchise, somebody has naffed up the VDO mapping SD card, there are no maps in the Mazda Euro folder, TPS is also empty as is Voices folder, I have tried a new card from a sold PN2050s and bingo it works!
Simple remedy copy via active sync all the folders from the New card on to PC, then back to old card but the old card wont take the files, it kept asking to be formatted, so I did, I tried this first via a card reader it copied to PC ok but not back to old card, it kept missing files. so I have tried it throught the unit itself with as said active sync, works a treat, except, I cant copy all the new files onto the old card as there is not enough room on the card?
This makes no sense to me as both cards read 1.89Gb they are identical cards from VDO, when I check on folder size comparing copied data to the new card data folder sizes in meg they are identical? so exactly the same size files on the New VDO card as the ones trying to copy to old card, something left on old card? after formating there is 4kb used probaly for FAT on the old card, if I look at the properties of the new card it is 3 qauters full so it should be able to take the 4kb no problems.
When I copied via active sync I left it to convert files to PC format, then back to hand held format, so there could be more possible added to the FAT maybe due to conversion, this time I have told active sync not to convert files and took a new copy this morning, and am now trying to copy onto old card, anybody got any idea's why this data wont fit back onto this card, or how I can get it to fit back on this card to make this unit work again, I did as VDO around the 20th of last month still no reply, tried thier Birmingham Head office last week and still nothing, stupid really as this is our demo unit we borrow to customers, we have just sold another 2050s this week to go into a Mazda6 as he tried it out last month and liked it so bought one for his new car, yet they still can't be bothered to help us! Customer Service Eh! get your money and run more like.
Any ideas how I can get this unit back up would be much appricated!
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Have you got a duff SD card?

Or is the VD SD card protected in some way ? Some 'hidden' file(s) that need to be present for example.

Can you try a different SD card?

I would do all the copying activity through PC and card reader as ActiveSync is both slow and also tries to change format of certain files.

Also is the unit expecting FAT16 or FAT32 formatting? I would play safe and go for the FAT16.

Simple thing to do would be..

Copy existing working card to PC using card reader. Ensure ALL files are copied by ensuring HIDDEN files are shown by Windows Explorer. Keep the existing directory structure intact.

Format the card you want to use.

Copy the working files from PC to this empty card - again ensure hidden files are copied.

Check directory and file sizes are correct.

Try the card.

If this works - great.

If not - can you see the files via ActiveSync on the unit with the new SD card installed? If so - then there is some other protection mechanism in play possibly. If not - try a different FORMAT structure.
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Joined: Sep 05, 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Got him sorted

tried the card reader but it doesn't copy over all the files it leaves certain files on the SD, and when you try to copy them after the fact it tells you the parmiters are incorect or the file is protected.
Active sync will copy all files, painfully slow mind you, still don't know why file is bigger on return trip but cracked it now.
plug in navi system and active sync him, go to options, then rules and tell A/Sync not to convert files, then copy all files from new card to a new folder on your PC I did them folder by folder as the demand sucks your PC dry of resources if you try copy all. took about 2 hours to get them off.
Once this is done switch off nav system uplug from PC take out card, plug in cardreader and format old card, disconect card reader, set up nav system again with old card in, and active sync again, check in options and rules again just to make sure it will not convert on the way back to nav unit, and way to go, all files in your new folder are copied over via A/Sync folder by folder to the nav unit, be warned! this took me from 12.30 to 5.30 to get them all onto the unit, and that is basically how you do it, key seems to be not to let A/Sync convert them.
I now have a fully working VDO Dayton 2050s.
I hope this helps someone else, Siemens VDO are absolutly horrendious at support, I have not heard a bean from them, since the initial request for help on the 21st August.
Thanks for the reply, every bit of info helps, now you know how to copy VDO SD cards, unless as they say you know better!
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Posted: Today    Post subject: Pocket GPS Advertising

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